Waqwa Vocational Institute is a non profit practical training initiative, which will offer those most vulnerable in Ada Ghana especially widows, orphans, and those who dropped out of school early the opportunity to be in a year long program which trains each student in a practical skill (starting with fashion or cuisine) and in additional skills necessary to establish and maintain a business. 

Our goal is to open the institute September 2019

But we need your help!

Waqwa Vocational Institute
Waqwa Vocational Institute is a non profit program focused on practical vocational skills which can yield immediate employment and opportunity. This project gives admission based on need and motivation, giving priority to those most disadvantaged in society especially orphans, widows, and those who drop out of school prematurely. The program offers its students a holistic understanding of business and critical thinking as well as a particular skill so that they may be ready to begin and/or operate a business of their own after program completion. Our school is named after a phrase meaning we refuse, and for our students that means they refuse to be what society may have labeled them as and they refuse to do nothing, but rather will show their resourcefulness and utility with the help of this program.

The Volta Revival Foundation has multiple volunteer managers for this project who are able to provide the initial building; and have created a curriculum.
The initial program will be in fashion and design; and in the future potentially in catering which will be further divided into two sections: baking and pastries; and food and nutrition.
In addition our school will teach specialty skills and hold a class in one of the following areas every week: business management, accounting, critical thinking, and self motivation. These courses will provide our students with the various skills needed to establish and manage a business in the modern market.
Our school will also match every student with at least one internship with local businesses and institutions so they can gain contacts and experience in their desired field.

Currently Waqwa Vocational Institute is fully documented and ready for funding so we can finish the building we have been offered, and to buy essential machines.

This school is expected to benefit thousands of the most vulnerable people in the Ada region of Ghana West Africa. We desire to begin our institute by September 2019 and we need your help to make it happen. If you or your company are interested in investing in this project please contact us at voltarevival@gmail.com

We are calling for donations of the
following items for the school:

- Electric and hand powered Sowing machines
-Desks and furniture

-Large printer/scanner

***Please contact anyone you know who might be able to help with donations of these items, with your help a non profit training school is possible!!!***