Voluteer Projects

As a Volta Revival Foundation volunteer in Ghana our team welcomes you like family! With options to volunteer as a teachers aid, lead creative workshops for our sponsored students, be a sports coach, work as an intern at the local hospital, engage in research, plant trees and run community clean ups and campaigns, and so much more we know you will fit in perfectly in our tight-knit community!
You can live at our volunteer house in the beautiful Ada, Ghana between the ocean and the Volta river and experience the paradise of West Africa! On your free time, relax on the beach, go for a bike ride, learn Ghanaian cooking, and have interesting conversations on our porch, whatever you want to do, we are here to help you! With 4 full time volunteer support staff you will always be taken care of!

Learn MOre

The environmental program focuses on creating a safer and cleaner environment, to safeguard the wildlife and ecosystems, and to educate children and communities about their environment, and ways they can make it better. Projects include:


  • Environmental clean-ups

  • ​Engage local youth in environmental health exercises

  • Tree planting and ecosystem rehabilitation projects

  • ​Environmental education in schools and communities

  • ​Monitor sea turtle activity and protect turtle eggs until the baby turtles (this project can only run during the turtle laying season September to January)

School and Youth Development Projects

The school and youth development program focuses on empowering the youth and children toward achieving their full potential. We do this through educational, skills, advocacy and networking opportunities which can expand their world view and open-up greater opportunities and possibilities for the children and youth in order to create a stronger, more educated and engaged Ghana. Projects include:


  • Being a teaching aid at the school where our sponsored students attend 

  • Running creative workshops with our student survivors of slavery

  • Sports coach/ putting on sports camps

Health and Sanitation Projects

Health and sanitation is a pillar of any thriving community and through our partnership with the local hospital and the Ghana education service we are able to provide volunteer possibilities in the following areas:


  • Intern nurse at the Ada East district hospital

  • Educate school children on sexual and reproductive systems and rights

Human Rights Advocacy Projects

The Volta Revival Foundation human rights advocacy program focuses on uplifting and empowering communities and groups towards achieving their human rights. We do this through campaigns to raise awareness and boost the voice of those most effected, and through educational human rights trainings, as well as research, consultation, and reporting. Through this program volunteers may engage in the following projects:


  • Film making and photography on human rights related issues

  • Attending and reporting on community events and issues

  • Writing and compiling reports on topical issues

  • Strategizing for human rights campaigns

  • Working with women’s groups towards women’s development, education and advocacy

  • Working with youth groups towards youth and community development, education, and advocacy

  • Learn community radio