The Volta Revival Foundation runs well organized and fun volunteer programs in most areas of our organizational programs and projects. Volunteers may work in either the USA for mostly technical support; or in Ghana for more hands on sustainable development work, and project building. Through the volunteer program, volunteers will choose which area of the organization which they would like to do direct service in, and then the Volta Revival Foundation program management pairs the volunteers with other local volunteers, and partner associations/organizations who- in concert with Volta Revival Foundation staff- carry out the volunteer projects. Areas where volunteers can work include:

Volta Revival is always looking for volunteer specialists to do specific tasks; we need expertise in: Medicine, engineering, NGO management, I.T. and database, farming and conservation, film making, researching, Law and marketing (and the skills you have!)

Environmental protection program:


The environmental program focuses on creating a safer and cleaner environment, to safe guard the wildlife and ecosystems, and to educate children and communities on their environment, and ways they can make it better.


-Environmental clean-ups

-Engage local youth in environmental health exercises


-Tree planting and ecosystem rehabilitation projects

-Environmental education in schools and communities

-Monitor sea turtle activity and protect turtle eggs until the baby turtles (this project can only run during the turtle laying season September to January)

-Environmental advocacy

-Environmental research and data collection

School and Youth Development Projects

The school and youth development program focuses on empowering the youth and children toward achieving their full potential. We do this through educational, skills, advocacy and networking opportunities which can expand their world view and open up greater opportunities and possibilities for the children and youth in order to create a stronger, more educated and engaged Ghana.


-Teaching and tutoring


The Volta Revival Foundation runs a basketball team called the Ada Knights, volunteers may work on this project by:


-Sports coach

-Donating jerseys and balls

-Helping  to construct a basketball court

-Supporting the team at tournaments


The Volta Revival Foundation runs a cultural group under this program called Roots Revival Culture Troupe, volunteers may engage in this project through:


-Learning traditional drumming, dancing, singing, and history

-Helping the troupe to get opportunities for performances and learning about the troupe management

Economic independence projects

The economic independence program focuses on providing economic advancement opportunities to those most marginalized in society, we will do this through educational opportunities, skills trainings, and financial opportunities, with the aim of creating sustainable economic opportunities and prosperity for all those in the communities we serve and especially the most marginalized.


Under this program volunteers may work on:


-Helping to coordinate, build consensus, and find speakers for women’s, youth, and community; skills, human rights, and advocacy trainings


-Consulting with women’s and youth groups, and gathering information


In the future, we may implement projects which volunteers may engage with such as the establishment of a vocational institute, the creation of a farm, the creation of a non profit printing press, the creation of small scale factories, and any other solutions to economic needs which may arise in the communities where we serve.

Health and sanitation projects

The Volta Revival Foundation health and sanitation program focuses on creating healthier and more health and sanitation conscious communities, we do this through health and sanitation education, necessary infrastructure projects, and supporting hospitals and health centers. Volunteers may work in this program by engaging in the following projects:

-Intern at a hospital or clinic

-Make medical donations

-Build water accessibility infrastructure

-Working with Azizakpe community to build a bridge across the community river for children and women to go to school and the market

-Researching community health and sanitation concerns

-Health and sanitation education

Human Rights Advocacy Projects

The Volta Revival Foundation human rights advocacy program focuses on uplifting and empowering communities and groups towards achieving their human rights. We do this through campaigns to raise awareness and boost the voice of those most effected, and through educational human rights trainings, as well as research, consultation, and reporting. Through this program volunteers may engage in the following projects:


-Film making on human rights related issues

-Attending and reporting on community events and issues

-Writing and compiling reports on topical issues

-Strategizing for human rights campaigns

-Working with women’s groups towards women’s development, education and advocacy

-Working with youth groups towards youth and community development, education, and advocacy

-Helping to put on human rights and legal workshops


The Volta Revival Foundation runs a human rights advocacy group called Kewunor Advocates. If volunteers desire to work on this project we recommend their extended participation for at least 6 months. Through this group, the volunteers may engage in:


-Advocating for the protection of human and earth rights at the Ada Estuary on the island of Kewunor

-Strategizing with the group

-Responding to calls to action

-Helping the group to collect data and conduct legal research


The Volta Revival Foundation is partnered with community station Radio Ada, Volunteers may engage in the following activities with the Volta Revival Foundation and the Radio station:


-Advocating for the protection of the salt resource at the Songor Lagoon against illegal salt mining

-Learn community radio

-Conduct research and reporting on specified topics

*The following volunteer opportunities are available for volunteers both in Ghana and the USA:

NGO management Projects

The Volta Revival Foundation management program focuses on creating a sustainable and transparent organization, and to grow the organization as an international symbol for human rights and sustainable community development in Africa. We do this through the creation of comprehensive regulations, systems, and marketing plans. Volunteers interested in the management program may engage in the following projects:


-Aiding in the creation of new and better data base systems and accounting systems

-Helping with website creation and maintenance

-Creating social media posts and plans

-Writing project reports for the evaluation

-Using evaluation plans to monitor projects success

-Planning events and workshops

-Engaging in audits of organization projects and programs for reporting on how to make the organization more effective, clear, and transparent.

Fundraising projects

The Volta Revival Foundation fundraising activities may intersect with other volunteer projects. The goal of fundraising is to allow for the continuance of projects and to create systems for sustainable funding. Through this program, volunteers may engage in many projects including:


-Helping to plan fundraising events

-Working to find innovative funding options for projects

-Writing grants for organizational projects

-Creating content for fundraising campaigns

-Strategizing and implementing fundraising campaigns for specific projects