We plan to start the project in April 2019, but we need your help to supply the trees! Consider donating a tree or 10 today!

This project focuses on planting trees in the Ramsar Biosphere reserve area of Ada Ghana, which is quickly being impacted by the effects of ocean rising, erosion, wildlife habitat disruption, and deforestation. Volta Revival Foundation is working with the wildlife department and any other interested partners and organizations with the goal of planting over 20,000 indigenous trees in the following areas of Ada:

1. Wetlands: to preserve the habitat for endangered species

2. The ocean side: to reduce the effects of erosion and provide environmental control, as well as increased economy in coconuts and oil

3. The river side: to stabilize the river banks and provide direct disaster relief to estuary islands

4. Schools and churches: to increase awareness about tree planting and to provide fruits, shade, and better water systems within town

5. Public parks and private homes: To increase the amount of trees cared for by private parties and the city, and to contribute to the greater good of the environment for all!

Through our tree planting environmental project we focus on education, wildlife, and reducing environmental problems and climate change.

tree planting.jpg

As a zone below sea level which fosters the lives of over 20 endangered species, and +200 types of birds and snakes, as well as over 100,000 people it is imperative that Ada becomes a greener more environmentally focused area, so that all life forms may benefit from the beauty of the estuary, and Volta delta area!

Map of major areas where plantings will take place

Ada map_LI (2).jpg