We plan to start the project May, but we need your help to supply the trees! Consider donating a tree or 10 today!

This project focuses on planting trees in schools while providing environmental education to school children in the area of Ada (East District), in the greater Accra Region of Ghana West Africa. Through this project we plan to plant 1000 trees in 50 schools by May 2021. We work with the Wildlife office to identify the best type of tree suited for each school environment and the number of trees which may fit on the land size. The office will supply the project with 900 suitable trees, the remaining 100 trees will be fruit trees given out after 1 year of the initial planting to two students from each school who have shown exceptional care and stewardship over the trees. We will provide the tools, education, and fertilizer for planting and will schedule a day to visit the school for the environmental education and for the tree planting. Each class will be given the responsibility to care for two to three trees each and then after 6 months we will return for monitoring and the class which does the best job will be awarded with books and school supplies.  The projects goals are environmental education and to impart a sense of stewardship for the environment into the youth in order to create lasting environmental impacts, additionally the project will provide more shade, water, and less erosion in the areas where we will plant. We believe Trees 4 Schools project will impart a sense of environmental pride in the youth of Ada which will create lasting future impacts to decrease deforestation, and erosion, and to increase environmental stewardship as well as all the positive latent effects of tree planting. Be a part of the change, and donate today!

Plant a Tree; change a community!

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