Travel and Accommodations

in Ghana

Where We Work

Currently we work with the communities of Kewunor, Azizanya, and Ada Foah. All communities are located near or on the Volta river estuary (where the river and the ocean meet) in Ghana West Africa. These communities are all rural, with populations under 5,000, and struggle with many of the same issues (although Ada Foah is a bigger town with more amenities). This means that volunteers will be about 2 hours from Accra, the nearest metropolitan center where they can find many things at the mall or on the street. Our staff is always in the country to take care of the needs of our volunteers and to ensure the safety of anyone under our care. Ghana is a very safe country, and as long as you understand the culture and are careful, there should be very little misfortune during your travels. Every Volunteer with the Volta Revival Foundation will be supplied with all the information they need to come to Ghana, and a 3 day in country training when they arrive. In addition we provide the following for all volunteers:

-Accommodation on the Volta River

-Airport pick up/ drop off

-Visa application help

-Quality meals

(Vegetarian, Vegan, gluten free options available)

-Project related transportation

-Project materials and equipment

-Volta Revival Foundation T-shirt

Tours and Excursions

Ghana is a truly beautiful country, and we love to show our volunteers all of it, thats why we partner with Motherland Tour and Excursion to offer planned trips and transportation for volunteers to experience the best the country has to offer! From Cape Coast to Tamale, Keta to Akosombo, Kumasi to Accra traveling to each new place will give you a different perspective on Ghana. Ghana is never boring but it is full of suprises, so open you mind and learn from the rich culture and history of the first African country to gain independence from colonial rule!

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