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Testimonials from Survivors and Students in need of sponsorship

                 NAME: JONATHAN AGBOKA  

                    AGE: 16     \     GRADE: 5th

I’m currently staying at Angornya with my mother but my father died some years ago.

“When I was very young about 7 years my mother took me to Akosombo and she left me with my uncle and I served him as a fishing boy (slave) for seven years. I never had the opportunity to attend school all these years, I wasn’t fed well, and I was not permitted to leave. I was later brought back to Ada. Throughout my time working for my uncle he never beat me but I didn’t like the idea of staying and working for somebody whiles my age mates were in school. My mother is the one now taking care of me from the little she gets from the mats that she sells, but I often miss school because my fees are not paid.”


                   NAME: VAJEH JENNIFER  

                      AGE: 12   \   Grade: 4th

“I was once taken to my mothers friend who made me work in the fish market and in her hotel to clean the place, She did send me to school but I had to be absent for many days to help with the fish harvest and other chores and therefore I advanced only very slowly. Most of the people who visited her criticized her for having me work in the hotel business at this age. The criticisms got her depressed and one day told me to come back to Ada to help my mom since she is sick. As at now, I’m currently staying with my parents who are into fishing and selling. My education is not going well since my parents are unable to afford most of the academic costs”.

                NAME: AHETO CHRISTIANA                                             AGE: 13  \  GRADE: 5th

“I’m currently staying with my parents at Gbovinya. My father fishes and my mother weaves mat. I was taken when I was very young to an overbank island in the Ada district to stay with my mothers friend who never sent me to school. I was made to serve her for a long time. Whiles with her, I would do all the house work and also help sell food.

My parents felt they could not take care of me so she told them that if i serve her the she would educate. However, she never did till my parents came for me to attend school at Gorm. My parents are now struggling to cater for my educational needs and because of this sometimes I am forced to absent myself from school”.


Trafficked 2 School Student Sponsorship Program

Up to 100,000 children are enslaved in Ghana today. Over half of those children are fishing boys, working up to 15 years under squalid and abusive conditions. While some agencies run interventions, few engage in the hard work of supporting the rehabilitation and education of those children who survived slavery. The Volta Revival Foundation has heard the cries of our communities, and has seen first hand the massive problem slavery poses to grassroots development in Ghana and in Ada. We believe in keeping our kids home, and instead of trafficking them out to forced labor/ slavery we believe in trafficking them back into school, and you can help us make that happen!

We need your help to support a cohort of 13 students finish through High school and beyond, so that they can become the next generation of human rights advocates in their country and communities.

Through this project the Volta Revival Foundation is trying to find sponsors for all 13 to finish through jr high, this is either a $30 monthly commitment for all the students basic needs or a $45 monthly commitment for the basic needs plus tutoring and counseling for past traumas.

Within this amount each student is provided the following:

  • School fees (5%)

  • School books, supplies, clothes, and (20%)

  • other necessities (hygiene kits, solar lights, and water purifiers)(10%)

  • Food stipends (10%)

  • Holiday gifts (5%)

  • Health needs (10%)

  • Counseling (10%)

  • Tutoring (15%)

  • Field Trips and Outings (5%)

  • School Human rights workshops (10%)

As a sponsor you have the chance to be in relationship with a child who has lived very differently from you! You will receive regular letters from your student with the chance to write back, as well as quarterly reports on their well-being, health, and academic performance. Additionally, if you ever want to visit your student we have a volunteer house where we would be glad to host you and show you everything we are doing!

     NAME: DUGBATEY SAPPOR          

AGE: 8 / GRADE: 3rd


       Dugbatey- or Dug as we also call him- lost his father some years ago. After the death he was forced to work as a fishing boy before being taken back to Ada by his only sister who is now caring for him in addition to being a junior high school student. His mother has been battling a stroke since the death of his father and is therefore unable to care for him or his sister or provide any kind of income for her children.  

The small rice which he eats from the kitchen of the "school feeding programme” is what Dug depends on to sustain himself, and whatever else his sister can provide them. Yet despite, all these challenges, he still comes to school everyday and dreams of becoming a professor. However, his dreams seem to be slowly dying off as he is realizing the severity of his situation. He told us that his father promised an angel would come to rescue him, and he believes that angel is coming as his sponsor. We are asking that someone willing to make a $45 / monthly contribution become his sponsor so that we can aid his sister in providing food and basic needs for the both of them as well as full educational and health sponsorship.


AGE: 17 / GRADE: 7TH 


Enoch was in fourth grade and when he was taken by his uncle to be a fishing boy on the Volta lake just after the death of his father. He worked as forced labor for the uncle for four years. He pleaded every day in vain to go back to school until he could no longer take it and he finally run away from his uncle to stay with his grandma. Then Enoch was admitted into third grade in 2016. The next year he was promoted to fourth grade, finished two terms and was promoted to fifth grade in the same year. He is now in seventh grade and is one of the best three students in his class. The little money he gets from nightly fishing and work he does on people's farm is what he uses to feed himself and purchasing his school materials. He said he would have enough time to learn if the people will truly sponsor him.  He would be grateful to have your sponsorship.

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