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Providing education, counseling, health care, and all basic needs to 20 child survivors of slavery and counting.

Working in hot spot communities towards ending child trafficking. We educate, sensitize and monitor to establish trust.

Conducting interventions to bring children out of labor slavery, and putting them back in school!

Trafficked 2 School Student Program

Many parents from very rural fishing villages along the Volta in Ghana  are targeted by fishermen with boats who work north on the Volta lake mostly in and around communities in Akosombo and Yeji. The fishermen may be relatives, friends or acquaintances of the parents and they often promise many things to the -often impoverished- parents such as education for their child, good food and accommodation, as well as payments made to the parents for the work of the children. The parents often believe the opportunities being offered by the fishermen are much better than what they can offer their own child and therefore they lease the child out as a laborer who is not allowed to leave until their contract (usually 5-15 years) is served, this is how a child becomes the slave of the fisherman. Once the child is in the fisherman’s custody, the child will not be sent to school, instead they will be made to work 15-18 hours a day, be punished and abused often and for minor mistakes, be fed little, sleep in dirty quarters with many other children in the same position, and be forced to engage in dangerous work such as diving deep into lake Volta to untangle nets, and set traps. Other tasks the child will be engaged in is net mending, fish scaling, boat maintenance, carrying heavy loads of fish and other items, wielding dangerous equipment, working all hours of the day and night, being used as fishing bait, and rowing the boat. Additionally, young girls are brought into this industry as domestic and sexual servants for the boy slaves and the fishermen. The girls will engage in fish selling, cleaning, cooking, net mending, and many other chores. The girls are also often raped, and used as child brides to the fishermen, or as sexual motivation for the boys in slavery so that they will not run away. Therefore, both boys and girls as young as 3 years are implicated in this form of child trafficking.


Up to 100,000 children are enslaved in Ghana today. Over half of those children are fishing boys, working up to 15 years under squalid and abusive conditions. While some agencies run interventions, few engage in the hard work of supporting the rehabilitation and education of those children who survived slavery. The Volta Revival Foundation has heard the cries of our communities, and has seen first hand the massive problem slavery poses to grassroots development in Ghana and in Ada. We believe in keeping our kids home, and instead of trafficking them out to forced labor/ slavery we believe in trafficking them back into school, and you can help us make that happen!

What we provide our students: School fees , school books, supplies, clothes, and shoes, other necessities (hygiene kits, solar lights, and water purifiers), food stipends , holiday gifts , health needs , counseling , tutoring, field trips and outings, human rights, arts, crafts and music workshops.

As a sponsor you have the chance to be in relationship with a child who has lived very differently from you! You will receive regular letters from your student with the chance to write back, as well as quarterly reports on their well-being, health, and academic performance. Additionally, if you ever want to visit your student we have a volunteer house where we would be glad to host you and show you everything we are doing!


Through our Trafficked2School Community Education and School Monitoring Program the Volta Revival Foundation aims to conduct educational workshops and campaigns in hotspot communities from where children are often trafficked in the Ada district of Ghana. additionally the Volta Revival Foundation seeks to implement monitoring mechanisms in schools in the same hotspot communities through the training of both staff and students in the monitoring procedures and the evils of child trafficking to ensure more children do not get trafficked while on school vacations and breaks.



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