Our Policy on student sponsorship

Statement of Non Discrimination

The Volta Revival Foundation awards sponsorship to students based on need and merit. The Volta Revival Foundation does not discriminate between students based on religion, sexuality, gender, ethnic affiliation, skin color, national origin, citizenship, difference in ability, or any other category protected by law. In addition, the Volta Revival Foundation prohibits retaliation against any individual who reports discrimination or who participates in any investigation of such reports. This policy covers all scholarship award actions, including distribution of applications, selection process and continuance of scholarship funding.

How Students are Selected

The Volta Revival Foundation works closely with the headmaster and teachers of every school where we work as well as opens applications to community members to select the students most in need of sponsorship. This means that every student selected for sponsorship is either at risk of dropping out of school, has already dropped out, or was never able to attend. For every sponsored student, the parent/guardian must fill out a consent form and must be debriefed on the program and any incumbent expectations. It will be made clear to all participants that the sponsor can, for any reason, discontinue their donations, resulting in loss of sponsorship. All students who lose sponsorship for this reason will be added back onto the website to find another sponsor.

A student will lose sponsorship if the following occurs: the student is missing from school with no explanation for more than two weeks, or if the student has not completed their homework/exams for more than one month. If a student is struggling with the coursework, the Volta Revival Foundation will set up homework tutorials and lessons for the student as is required. , If a


Consent Form

How funds are distributed

The Sponsor will make an automatic payment of $30 every month through PayPal which will be deposited into the Volta Revival Foundation bank account at Mid Oregon Credit Union. Approximately $3 of each monthly donation will be used for the PayPal fee and the international withdrawal fees. An additional $2 out of each monthly donation will be used for management purposes including. 

The remaining $25 (approximately 110 Ghana Cedi's) will be used to buy essential items for the student, prioritizing their health and education. The money will be managed exclusively by the Volta Revival Foundation presidents, to ensure zero corruption. Although reciepts are not common in rural Ghana, we keep tight records, and conduct yearly reviews of finance, which if imbalanced will merit an audit of all Volta Revival Foundation accounts and activities carried out by a private and impartial company.

If at the end of a quarter, the student did not need all of their funds, then the remaining money will be put into the school development programs fund for the general benefit of all students at the school. Learn more about this program here:

Conflict of

Interest Policy

Communication with Sponsors and Ways to get involved

As a sponsor you will recive a letter from your student every break which will be scanned and sent digitally to your email. You can respond by sending a digital message, or by sending their letters to the Volta Revival Foundation at PO BOX AF 12, Ada Foah, East District, Ghana, West Africa.

If you are interseted in visiting your student, the Volta Revival Foundation can offer you accomodation, meals, airport pick up/ drop off, transportation, fun excursions through Motherland Travel and Excursion. Visiting Ghana is a great way to understand the daily experience of your student, and a great way to learn about another culture! Ghana is a very friendly and beautiful place, and we encourage everyone to come and be changed for the better! For more information about volunteering visit our page:   come to le

Monitoring and Research

In addition to the accounting, the Volta Revival Foundation will also be monitoring the progress of the students by recording their grades and the number of days they attended school during sponsorship compared to when they were not sponsored. We will also hold informal meetings with the students monthly to track their happiness, attitude, and health. This research will allow for us to back up our programs with the progress of our students to ensure the continuance of the program.