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Through the student sponsorship program we use the subscribed monthly donations  of $30 from generous individuals, classes, and families, to provide all necessary material needs for a selected student who is either out of school or about to drop out due to insufficient funds. The funding is used to provide the student with school supplies, , health check-ups, medicine and sanitary supplies, a stipend for meals, clothing and shoes for the student, and any other necessary supplies which the student may need. The Volta Revival Foundation works closely with the school to ensure all the students needs are met, offering a promising student, a brighter future. When you sponsor a student through the Volta Revival Foundation you can be assured that the most amount of funding is going towards your students sponsorship. Learn more about our student sponsorship policies here:

The student sponsorship project connects you (the sponsor) with the student through letters and picture communications via emails and annual welfare reports, offering you the opportunity to learn about and understand another perspective, and giving you the option to visit your student here in Ghana.

This project gives anyone the beautiful opportunity to support a talented young student through school, a student who will be able to access more and go further due to generous contributions like yours. Please read through the following student profiles and consider sponsoring a student today!

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Hannah Yetiekpor


Hannah is an incredibly sweet, sociable little girl, who approaches quietly, and contents herself easily. Very observant, Hannah’s mind always seems to be occupied, and her hands do the same, either by tapping a bottle on the table, or making her own drum, there is always a sound coming from Hannah. Currently, Hannah is living with a family friend because her mother was called to work in another town, and her sister is living with her father, who says he cannot afford to care for two children. Because of this, Hannah is finding it harder and harder to pay her school fees and other necessities for her education and wellbeing. She is of course too young to work, but her peers have been looking after her in the small ways they can, because everyone loves Hannah. Although this situation is difficult, Hannah has a bright future in front of her, and with some support she will surely realize all of the gifts and potential living in that fierce little mind. Please consider sponsoring Hannah today, and change the future for one more brilliant child.

Wilson Kofi Ahorgba

Third grade or Class three

Known to his peers as ‘professor’ Wilson is an aspiring academic who excels in school and thrives socially. His teachers agree that he has great academic promise, and what’s more they all speak highly of his character and affectionate nature. Unfortunately, like his brother Bright, Wilson's mother is a pipe water seller for the government which is not very lucrative, to do his part Wilson helps his brother sell Kokonte before and after school. At the moment, Wilson is barely able to attend school due to lack of uniform, shoes, books, and other supplies. Wilson has dreams for his future, and has the capacity to fulfill them, his only concern is for basic physical needs. Please consider partnering with Wilson to give him what he needs to continue on his path to a better future.

Ernestina Plahar

Eighth grade or Form 2

Ernestina is an intelligent young woman, capable of thinking critically about her life situation, always remaining hopeful about her future. She works hard in everything she does, from selling soap before and after school to raise money for her family and education; to her homework and schooling. Ernestina’s moto is ‘if you do good, you go ahead’ and she has applied this in both her personal and academic life. Her one wish is to get a post-secondary degree in fashion and design so that one day she can design her own international, Afro-centric line of women’s clothing. Ernestina believes that with some small support allowing her to focus on learning and growing, she will be able to create a successful fashion business so she can give back to her community, please consider partnering with Ernestina so she can do just that!

Francis Amesimeku

Seventh grade or Form 1

Francis is always going, working on his school, talking with his many friends, and literally running around the island community; he is an excellent long-distance runner and footballer (soccer player). In addition to being a great athlete, Francis is also a strong student especially in science and math; if he cannot become a professional footballer, Francis thinks he will be a soldier. Unfortunately, his time is divided from his studies and sports, because Francis must work as a fisherman in the night and early morning, often dozing off in class due to lack of sleep. His single mother died when he was very young, forcing Francis to provide for himself at an early age. Although he lives with a relatives family, there is no support from home, and he must work very hard for the very little he has to sustain his education. Please consider partnering with Francis so that he can focus on running towards his aspirations.

Victoria Akli

Eighth grade or Form 2

Ask anyone in the Kewunor school, they know Victoria; highly involved in both the dancing troupe and the school choir, Victoria is indispensable. She is a charismatic speaker, and successful student who aspires to become an astronaut, and work for NASA after studying at a top US university. Victoria desires to live in a better environment, her parents have very little employment, and cannot afford electricity, so she is not able to finish her homework most nights because during the daylight hours she must cook food for sale, and take care of her four younger siblings. Victoria speaks about a different way of living, where she doesn’t come to class on an empty stomach, where she has untattered school clothes and where she can finish all her homework on time; please consider partnering with Victoria so her daydreams can be real life.

Jerry Atiakpor

Seventh grade or Form 1

Jerry is a quiet young man with a gleam in his eye, while he may not speak a great deal, his thoughts are clearly beautiful and developed. He dreams of getting a quality higher education, aspireing to become a doctor. He spends a lot of time thinking about his future and has worked very hard to keep himself in school. Jerry does very well in school naturally, but his marks have fallen in the last years because of his family and living situation. His mother has passed away and his father is very ill, forcing him to live with his auntie who cannot afford to support him through school. Because of this, Jerry must go fishing on the ocean, where the waves can be rough and dangerous, to generate money for his basic upkeep. Sometimes he is out all night fishing and falls asleep in class, other times he skips school to fish. Jerry desires to have a schedule which is focused on his education, and does not include fishing; please consider partnering with Jerry to allow him to return his attention to what he’s great at; learning!

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Theo Amankwa


Theo is a mischievous and extremely playful little boy. He may sneak behind you, and then cover your eyes, but his laughter and wiggling will give him away every time. Regardless of the fact that Theo lost his left arm when he was very young because a cement block fell on it causing irreparable damage and requiring amputation -  Theo is very capable. He’s always doing things before anyone could even try to help him, and running off before you even realize. Theo lives with his mother in the community, who is a fish seller, she gave birth to Theo very young, and doesn’t have the support of her family. Theo doesn’t know all this yet, but he understands that his mother can’t pay his school fees, which is why he is already two years behind in school. Despite the many challenges in his way, Theo speeds through, seeming to dodge all the negativity in his way; smile still intact, Theo’s future is filled with promise, which we are positive he will accomplish if only given the proper chance. Please Consider sponsoring Theo today, and change the fate of a wonderful young boy!

Cynthia Gliga

Fifth grade or Class 5

Cynthia is a very kind and very tough young lady, who has a grace and beauty about her which shows clearly in her actions and intellect. She is very good with languages and states with confidence her desire to travel the world, especially to the USA. Ultimately Cynthia wants to get a scientific degree at the university to become a medical doctor. Although both of her parents work, trying to make their income from the selling of petrol and barbering, it is still difficult for Cynthia to afford basic supplies. Because of this Cynthia has to work everyday, but continues to struggle often coming to school on an empty stomach. Cythia believes that if she does not get an education she will not make it and she also believes she must make it; please consider partnering with Cynthia so she can decide her future.

Godwin Gligah

Form Three or eighth grade

Godwin is a gentle soul, respectful and creative, although still very quiet. If you pass Godwin on the street, he will smile at you and greet you with a friendly ‘good afternoon!’, Godwin is like that, he greets everyone he meets, and treats all with respect and kindness. Godwin aspires to become a mechanical engineer, so he can build water purification machines- he continues to aspire even when he defaults on his payments, and for the last couple years has been kept back in form 3 until he can collect enough money to pay for his high school entrance exam. Godwin is positive he will get the money this year, he doesn’t know how he will do it, but he says that God will not fail. Godwin does not know his mother, who left when he was very young, and his father is living in Cameroon as a fisherman, although he doesn’t get any funding from his father, he does have a small room to sleep in and a yard to cook in. Godwin often goes out fishing, but lately there hasn’t been much to catch. Godwin knows that when he finally reaches his dream of becoming an engineer, he will surely come back to his community to pay for the school fees of others like him who can’t afford to go to school. Please consider sponsoring Godwin today, and be a part of developing Ghana from the ground up!

Ernest Dagbi

Fourth grade or Class 4

Ernest is a funny guy, it’s the way he says things, the way he moves, he loves to make people laugh. Ernest is also very thoughtful, never forgetting to bring his teachers gifts during the holidays despite the little he has. He lives with his parents and four siblings, his mother sweeps the beach for small change, and his father is a fisherman who sells each fish for less than twenty five cents each. Ernest helps his mother with chores before and after school and works to make small money, but still he often comes to school hungry and his family cannot afford necessary school items. Yet through it all, Ernest continues to have an upbeat and contagious attitude, and he hopes one day to get his PhD and work as a professor in the university. Ernest has fantastic goals which are attainable, he only needs some small support to complete them. Please consider partnering with Ernest so he can have the freedom to become who he wants to become.

Nora Sefakor Azidoku

Fourth grade or Class four

Nora loves math, she loves fashion and day dreaming and playing Ampe and skipping rope, Nora loves a lot of things and most of all she loves to help others. She works very hard for her younger siblings and family and loves to share what little she has with her friends. Nora hopes to become an artist when she is older, and has a particular interest in fashion. However, because of work her parents must travel far away, and Nora is left with her grandmother who must care for 2 of Nora’s other siblings. Nora wants to stay in school, she wants to realize her dreams and most of all she wants to continue helping her family, but first she needs to be able to do well for herself, please consider partnering with Nora so that she can do what she loves!

Evans Obodai

First grade of Class 1

Evans spreads joy wherever he goes, with his loud laugh and brilliant smile he is always urging his school mates to make good decision. Evans lives with his mother who provides for the family by selling fish, waiting for the next bit of cash to be sent back from her husband who is mining in the north. This situation creates a problem for the mother who is struggling to support all three of her children on a very limited income. Evans desires to travel outside of the country, and to become an architect so that he can build Ghana. However, because of many stresses he is threatened with the possibility of dropping out early. Please consider partnering with Evans so he can remain in school, and prove to his family and those around him the importance of a good education.

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