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Volunteer at the Ada East District Hospital through the Volta Revival Foundation!

The Volta Revival Foundation is proud to announce its partnership with the Ada East District Hospital!

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The purpose of the partnership between the Ada East District Hospital and the Volta Revival Foundation is to collaborate, and work together towards making the hospital more efficient, and better able to serve its patients. The goal is to see a healthier Ada; to work together towards health and sanitation projects; and to support the hospital with their needs and projects related to the health care of their patients.

Through the course of this partnership the Volta Revival Foundation will make donations of needed items for the hospital; collaborate on water purification projects; allow volunteers to work with the hospital for selected tasks and projects; and other tasks which accomplishes our goal of better health care and sanitation for those in Ada.  

The Ada East District Hospital is an Eighty (80) - bed capacity health facility established in 2002 through a partnership between the MOH and the China National Corporation for Overseas Economic Cooperation (CNCOEC). The Hospital was formally inaugurated in 2003 to provide comprehensive, accessible and affordable primary healthcare for persons living in the Ada East and Ada West communities (the then Dangme East District).

The Hospital is the largest and the only public District Hospital in the Ada East and Ada West communities, currently serving a population of about 160,000 persons.

The Hospital operates purely on not-for-profit basis and serves as a referral facility for all sub-district health facilities with an average daily attendance of 150 patients.  The Hospital sees an average of 54,900 OPD cases and admits an average of 6,000 clients per year. Also whereas an average of 1, 200 babies annually, we perform about 600 surgeries annually.

As a government health facility, the Hospital accepts valid National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) cards as healthcare financing option in addition to out-of-pocket payment, about 70% of the clients seen are insured by the NHIS.

The Hospital envisions to provide quality and comprehensive health care services in a friendly environment to the admiration of staff and clients.

The hospitals core values are People-Centred, Professionalism, Teamwork, Excellence/Innovation, Discipline, and Integrity.


The Hospital continues to improve and expand the services rendered to the people of Ada over the years and currently provides the following services:

  • General OPD

  • Accident & Emergency

  • Reproductive & Child Health Services

  • Diagnostic Services (Laboratory,X-Ray & Ultrasound)

  • Blood Bank

  • Pharmacy Services

  • Dental Services

  • Physiotherapy

  • Community Psychiatry services

  • ART Clinic/PMTCT/CT Services

  • EyeServices

  • ENT Services

  • Obstetric/Gynaecological Services

  • Outreach services

  • General In-Patients & Maternity Ward Services

  • Mortuary Services

The hospital is in need of the following items in order to be most effective:

  1. Infrared Thermometer

  2. Foetal Doppler

  3. Bp Apparatus (Sphygmomanometer)

  4. Diagnostic Set

  5. Disposal Gloves

  6. Nebulizer

  7. Stethoscope

  8. Cardio Monitor

  9. Oxygen Concentrator


  1. Construction of Mothers’ Lodge

  2. Construction of VIP Ward

  3. Construction of Theatre Recovery Ward

  4. Construction of Isolation Ward

Volta Revival Foundation calls on any interested individuals to make contributions and volunteer at the Ada East District Hospital in order to create lasting impact. Together we make a difference!

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