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Nelplast: using plastic to develop Ghana

NELPLAST GH. LIMITED is an Industrial Processing Company began by engineer Nelson Boateng (Ashiaman born) which specializes in recycling of all kinds of plastic waste into a variety of products. The most useful product designed so far have been the

bricks and paving stones which use plastic waste of all kinds (except PVC) to create a product which has been proven to be

stronger than concrete.

Currently the stones are being used to pave roads, since the roads in Ghana often deteriorate,additionally they can be used for walkways, parking lots, and other construction projects. In addition the use of these bricks is a sustainable solution for the planet (and Ghana) because they contain 5-7 kilograms of plastic each brick and the plastic itself is obtained through community member efforts to clear the streets and beaches of plastic pollution which they will then sell to Nelplast for the production of the bricks. The plastic bricks are a sustainable solution to a decades old problem.

Currently, production is in full swing and ready to expand, and while the bricks are still more expensive than the concrete bricks, the design is well on its way to efficiency. Nelson’s next

design is to create a brick which can be used for the construction of buildings. Nelson is the inventor of the machine

which melts the plastic and sand together which is then pressed into the bricks. This innovation supports the

sustainable development goals of protecting the environment and boosting the economy through the cyclical

process where the local citizens brings them trash collected from their homes and communities, providing a job for

many people, also reducing the plastic waste in Ghana. Then the plastic is used to create the bricks which will

be used on sustainable infrastructure projects, further developing Ghana. Nelson plans to expand the project in

every district of Ghana and all around Africa, open opportunities in areas of the greatest need.

The Volta Revival Foundation would love to see a factory open in Ada Ghana. Ada's particular position against the west-east current flowing through the Gulf of Guinea causes a lot of the waste and plastics of Accra to be washed up on the shores of Ada. This has created a crisis state in Ada for environmental hazards, as well as a unwelcoming and dirty beaches.

In Ada Ghana there is currently no plastics recycling center and so the people are very used to plastics being everywhere, giving it no value and littering all around the streets, river, and ocean side.

In the future, the Volta Revival Foundation would like to open up Ghana's first NGO plastics recycling center, which implements the innovations of Nelplast and Nelson Boateng. We are currently looking for like-minded volunteers (especially engineering students) and investors to see this idea come to pass.

In next 10 years Nelplast plans to expand to create a plastic brick factory in all 10 regions of Ghana. By that time the

design for the building blocks will be in production for general sale so as to expand the profitability of the project. The goal is to see a 50% decrease in plastic pollution in Ghana by 2030 and an increase in plastics related jobs by 25% in engineering, production, and plastics collection.

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