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Ada finally made aware of Trasacco intentions at the Ada Estuary

February 26, 2019, as required by law the Trasacco Estates Development Company (TEDC) submitted its Environmental impacts assessment (EIA) to the Environmental Protection Agency of Ghana (EPA) (after many years of avoiding the obligation) and subsequently held a public hearing due to the vulnerable environment where they wish to carry out the project as well as because of substantial public outcry against the project going forward in the same fashion as it has thus far. TEDC desires to build a 300 room hotel and private estate at the Ada estuary on Kewunor Estuary Island and to displace over 1,000 indigenous residents.

Among the topics discussed was the highly controversial resettlement plan which is set to be placed on a Ramsar site in another community close by. The land is much smaller than the site where the residents of Kewunor currently reside, but the company is persistent that they will make it happen. While the project looks quite glamorous from the outside, the many effects including indigenous displacement, turtle nesting grounds destruction, environmental erosion and degradation, and the privatization of a national estuary which is a treasure to all of Ghana are not forth coming issues in the TEDC presentation which has caused great worry and contestation among the residents of the greater Ada area. Present at this public hearing included the DCE, many local government offices (wildlife, forestry, health and sanitation, fisheries ect), NGO's (primarily the Volta Revival Foundation and the pressure group Kewunor Advocates), chiefs and clan heads, Kewunor and Azizanya community members, as well as many more stakeholders and interested parties. There were over 100 people present at the meeting on Tuesday. The following is a video of the entire presentation made by TEDC concerning the proposed hotel and private estate developments which they desire to complete on Kewunor Estuary Island in Ada Ghana West Africa.

After almost 6 years of poor, inaccurate, or inaccessible communications from TEDC, Ada was finally able to engage the company with questions and concerns about the project. The majority of those who were able to ask questions (about 30 people in number, and certainly not everyone who had wanted to speak) almost all spoke about the resettlement plan, and many spoke about the environmental impacts as well as concerns for the future generations. Most questions exhibited concern about the project and especially how Trasacco has handled the constructions and the community communications thus far. A few, not more than 5, also stated their contentment with the project and their desire for it to benefit Ada.

The Petition

On behalf of the interests of Kewunor commuinty, the vulnerable estuary environment, and posterity, the Volta Revival Foundation in conjunction with Kewunor Advocates submitted the following petition in an effort to advocate for the H

With the hope for more transparency, honesty, and respect for human and earth rights going forward, the Volta Revival Foundation will continue to fight for the right thing to be done on Kewunor estuary Island at the Ada Estuary.


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