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Our Student Sponsorship Program Changes Lives!

The student sponsorship program is a collaboration between the Volta Revival Foundation, rural schools in Ghana, and the sponsor (you!) to contribute to one childs education in order to change a whole community! We create financial transparency with this program by making sure that the money passes through the least amount of hands (and with the utmost honesty and visibility), and gives the most amount of needed items to the students! Our program is very real and has already changed many lives, but we don't want to stop there, we want to make long term, widespread, and lasting impacts. Our current students can testify that this program provides for them in ways they may not have even imagined before being sponsored, this has allowed for them to focus all their energy on their education, and on personal development activities rather than working in order to afford their education. We are very grateful to our current sponsors and pray that many more will be touched by this program, and moved to make their sponsorship of a student today, you can see the student profiles on our website by clicking here

"I thank you all very much for the items you sent me last week, they came at a time when I needed them most especially the books and beautiful uniform and shoes. I thank you once again....I hope one day I will have the opportunity to help someone too"

-Juliet, Sponsored student

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