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The Voice of Ada is Here!!!


Support the communities at the Ada estuary of Kewunor, Azizanya and Ayigbo against the violation of human and environmental rights in Ghana West Africa. Learn more about how Hilton Hotels and Trasacco Estates Development Company are disenfranchising a community of over 1,200 people and a fragile eco system of all basic rights: here

You may also the struggle by donating to the legal defense fund for a human rights law suit:

The people’s voice will not be silenced, share if you believe human rights are more important than money 💰

#HaltHilton #SaynotoTrasacco #Africa4Africans

Here are the Some of the lyrics translated from Dangbe:

These are the voice of the people This is the voice of Ada This is the voice of Azizanya This is the voice is of kewunor Aw Ada ! Wa t3si loko waa daan 3× (Let's Unite before get scattered)


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