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Trasacco Remove By May 6, 2018

May 25, 2018 — During the first week of May the Kewunor Advocates team noticed structures being put up on a road leading to Igbo very close to Azizanya and Kewunor. The structures included construction machines, multiple containers, a barb wired fence, and a security guard. All of which we have discovered belongs to Trasacco who according to the DCE neither asked for permission to put up the structure nor informed any local officers of the intentions of the structure.

Since the Trasacco stakeholders meeting March 25, 2018, the community of Kewunor was promised by the DCE (District Chief Executive) that all actions concerning the project planned by Trasacco and Hilton Hotels to build a resort on the community of Kewunor at the Ada Estuary would be communicated to the community directly.

Unfortunately, this promise has not been followed through, and the Kewunor Advocated have worked hard to get small pieces of information about the development of the project, including weather there will be a follow up meeting between the District Assembly and Trasacco concerning the structures put up by Trasacco and whether community members will be represented at that meeting or at the very least whether the community will be informed as to the meeting out comes. Officially the Volta Revival Foundation and the Kewunor Advocated reiterate the demand that based on the international human rights law and nationally recognized common law that the community of Kewunor be at any future meetings concerning this project which will affect the community of Kewunor the most.

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