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Volunteer with the Volta Revival Foundation!

To volunteer with the Volta Revival Foundation is to learn a new way of life. During your time as a volunteer (under 1 month) or and Intern (longer then 1 month) you will be given the opportunity to engage with people of all different backgrounds while working on a meaningful and important project.

The Volta Revival Foundation offers volunteer opportunities to work in Ada, Ghana teaching swimming to children at the school, caring for young children at the nursery, working as a teachers aid, learning about ethical research and journalism, engaging in fundraising activities and learning about Non-profit organizing/management.

For those seeking to stay for longer than one month you will have the possibility to intern with the local hospital, and schools, and work on the sanitation projects, womens empowerment project, international advocacy project, or the Ada lifeguard project in addition to any of the activities listed above for volunteers.

If you have training or specific skills, we are open to working with you to allow for your skills to benefit the community and you to the fullest amount.

For volunteers and interns we provide accomodation, meals (breakfast and dinner), air port pick up/drop off, transportation, and the possibility to go on trips and excursions with Motherland Tours and Excursions.

Check out our web page for more information by clicking here

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