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Types of projects

Currently we are only working in the community of Kewunor, but hope to expand our services. Help us do that through a tax deductible contribution today!CC


Kewunor is a small island fishing community located at the Volta river estuary (where the river meets the Gulf of Guinea). Its economy struggles forward on the small income of fishing, small trading, and an increasingly steady flow of tourism and volunteers. The community consists of about 1,200 people, and there is one primary and junior high school on the island build in 2007 which is tasked with the education of over 600 students. The school is funded partially by the government and partially by non profit organizations. The Volta Revival Foundation has partnered with the Kewunor school to identify and work with children in the community who are struggling to come to school due to financial needs and inability to buy essential things such as school uniform, books, breakfast, reading lamps, basic medicine and other necessary items for the continuance of their education.

School Partners


Either by bringing a tap, a tank, or pure water filters to a school, our water projects provide school children with clean drinking water resulting in less sickness, better meals, and a higher quality of learning!



We establish and bolster school libraries, provide necessary curriculum books to classes, offer tutoring, and test prep resulting in more students with books, better literacy, and brighter futures!


Health Screenings

Since we serve communities living next to the Volta delta, it is very important that students are regularly checked and cleared of all viruses and parasites especially those common to the area. If you are interested in bringing a medical team to Ghana please contact us.


Donations of supplies

In order to support schools in providing the best education and opportunities to its students, the Volta Revival Foundation may make donations of needed supplies to partner schools; allowing many more students to have better quality education. Because even a pencil makes a difference!

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School Construction

Because of our dedication education and the fact that there are some school deserts in Ghana where kids are being taught under trees, we offer the option of building a basic or middle school structure in community's.


Swim Lessons and Sports camps

We offer swimming lessons (especially for communities living along the ocean and river as a life saving tool in an area where it is estimated that at least one person drowns a day.

we also offer sports camps to boost self esteem and team collaboration.