The Bon Fire Kicks are low top all star style shoes, hand covered in Ghanian fabrics in colors orange, purple, and yellow featuring neon green stitching and a Bob Marley and African pride fabric covering the tongue. 
Womens US size 9
Mens US size 7
European size 40

Bon Fire Kicks

  • Our sizing is by Small Medium and Large, all sizes can fit those with long torso's, but the width varies. We are sorry for our current inconsistent sizing, and will be adding products with a prescribed sizing chart soon. Thank you for your patience. If you have questions about the exact dimensions of a item, please don't hesitate to send us a message at 

  • Fabricated by local artist from Togo and Ghana, dedicated to fairly made quality products, our goal is to spread west African culture and art through the sale of quality goods which will benefit the brilliant people and communities who designed them! Our artists are able to customize an order to your specific needs. If you have a design, or measurement specification please email us at and we can discuss the product and price. For all custom orders please allow for at least 4 weeks for it to be designed, created, shipped from Ghana and arrive at your doorstep.