25 May 2018

May 25, 2018 — During the first week of May the Kewunor Advocates team noticed structures being put up on a road leading to Igbo very close to Azizanya and Kewunor. The structures included construction machines, multiple containers, a barb wired fence, and a security g...

27 Apr 2018

The Volta Revival Foundation is making a call for art and writing submissions for the first volume of ‘Ada is the People: art and writings of hope, resistance, and strength’ this issue of the magazine will focus on the power of Adano with the main theme being hope, res...

25 Mar 2018

At the beginning of the third week in March our team received news that Trasacco- a company which has been threatening to displace Kewunor community at the Ada Estuary in order to build a private resort which will be managed by Hilton Hotels- was hosting a stakeholders...

16 Mar 2018

Hello y'all!
Thank you so much for the support.
Last Saturday the community was called to a meeting with the Ada chieftancy, and their lawyers to discuss the Trasacco issue.
Unfortunately they called the community less for a discussion and more to dictate the future an...

"Yo hu pe Ↄ, se nyumu ta he" was the slogan, meaning roughly: women are powerful, but the men must help. The women of Kewunor and Azizanya come together!

15 Feb 2018

Volunteering with the Volta Revival Foundation gives you the opportunity to expand your understanding of the world while contributing to positive development!

14 Feb 2018

These students are in need of sponsors for their education! Please consider partnering with these brilliant children to offer them the future they dream about!

To sign visit:



Many people know the estuary where the Gulf of Guinea meets the Volta river as paradise and because of this it attracts many vi...

20 Jan 2018

Like any good milestone, the one year anniversary of the Volta Revival Foundation comes with its first ever Annual Report. The report outlines the achievements of 2017 and the goals of 2018. we are proud of what our team has accomplished this year, and are very excited...

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