with the help of 5 engineering students from the poly-technical university of Catalonia in Barcelona Spain over the next year we will provide enough wind powered with the help of 5 engineering students from the poly-technical university of Catalonia over the next year...

I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to our annual concert and fundraiser ‘A Night in Ghana’ a West African art auction featuring Okaidja high-life trio, and fundraising for our trafficked 2 school project which will sponsor 12 students and su...

Want to volunteer on an island, doing meaningful, community centered and powered work? Consider Azizakpe island for your projects!

In Ghana a company is using plastic waste to create paving stones! The Volta Revival Foundation desires to partner with Nelplast, engineers, and investors to create an NGO recycling center

Deutche welle broadcasting executives spent in afternoon in Ada Ghana to award radio stations for community radio advocacy efforts. The songor women used a drama to show the impacts of illegal salt mining, and radio Ada spoke on the kewunor estuary issue

On October 10, 2018, after months of construction at the estuary, and countless meetings on the part of district offices, NGO’s and community pressure groups; Trasacco conceded to the mandatory Environmental and Social impacts assessment, and sent contractors from EESL...

"Yo hu pe Ↄ, se nyumu ta he" was the slogan, meaning roughly: women are powerful, but the men must help. The women of Kewunor and Azizanya come together!

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Many people know the estuary where the Gulf of Guinea meets the Volta river as paradise and because of this it attracts many vi...

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