The Voice of Ada is Here!!!

📣THE VOICE OF ADA IS HERE!!! 🔊 Support the communities at the Ada estuary of Kewunor, Azizanya and Ayigbo against the violation of human and environmental rights in Ghana West Africa. Learn more about how Hilton Hotels and Trasacco Estates Development Company are disenfranchising a community of over 1,200 people and a fragile eco system of all basic rights: here You may also the struggle by donating to the legal defense fund for a human rights law suit: The people’s voice will not be silenced, share if you believe human rights are more important than money 💰 #HaltHilton #SaynotoTrasacco #Africa4Africans Here are the Some of the lyrics translated

You're invited to a Night in Ghana!

Featuring West African Drum Group Ekome and local artist Heavy Light, all of the proceeds from this raffle and West African art auction event will go towards supporting the community-initiated projects of the Volta Revival Foundation. Join us for an evening of good food, drinks, art, music, and friends to support an amazing cause which will empower communities in rural Ghana towards economic development, environmental protection, educational opportunity, and human rights, because, ‘from the Deschutes to the Volta together we make a difference!’. It will be an amazing night of cultural exchange, you wont want to miss it! #drumming #drum #drance #africandrumming #africandance #charity #afric

Human rights advocacy from Oregon to Ghana: the story of Kewunor

One of our founders Monique Vandenbroucke had the opportunity to be interviewed on a radio station in her home town Bend Oregon. below is the link to the radio show. A big thanks to Steve and Paula, and the folks at KPOV for this opportunity to share about what it looks like for us to be a community support organization and to speak in more detail about the human rights situation in Kewunor, Ada, Ghana; for more information you can read and sign our petition: And to support with financial costs of a human rights

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