Trasacco stake holders meeting: an insult to Kewunor community

At the beginning of the third week in March our team received news that Trasacco- a company which has been threatening to displace Kewunor community at the Ada Estuary in order to build a private resort which will be managed by Hilton Hotels- was hosting a stakeholders meeting in Accra but had not invited any members of Kewunor community. Through great efforts and negotiation our team was able to bring 10 people from the community to a meeting of about 60 people including many district chiefs, and surrounding community members. On arrival it was made clear to us that some of the chiefs were upset by our presence, but because we were already at the meeting, there was nothing they could do. W

Ada paramouncy making decisions on behalf of the people

Hello y'all! Thank you so much for the support. Last Saturday the community was called to a meeting with the Ada chieftancy, and their lawyers to discuss the Trasacco issue. Unfortunately they called the community less for a discussion and more to dictate the future and rights of the community. During the meeting they claimed ownership of the land and stated that they will handle all dealings with Trasacco without the community. Many of the elders from Kewunor agreed perhaps out of fear or respect for the stool (chieftancy), but when one youth from our advocate team stood to ask a question when they called for questions he was never answered and when he spoke about human rights the lawyer

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