Introduction to the human rights abuse at Kewunor, Ada Estuary Ghana

To sign visit: Summary Many people know the estuary where the Gulf of Guinea meets the Volta river as paradise and because of this it attracts many visitors every year either to watch the sea turtles (mostly Leatherback, Olive Ridley, and Green turtles) or to stay or volunteer with an eco beach camp on the island. Many have experienced the pure freedom and accessibility of the estuary; but what most visitors don’t know is that Kewunor, the community which lives on the estuary Island has been threatened with forced removal and displacement by Trasacco Estates Development C

Happy One Year Anniversary to the Volta Revival Foundation!

Like any good milestone, the one year anniversary of the Volta Revival Foundation comes with its first ever Annual Report. The report outlines the achievements of 2017 and the goals of 2018. we are proud of what our team has accomplished this year, and are very excited for what is to come. So happy anniversary VRF, looking forward to many more years, and many more reports! Click here to read the Volta Revival Foundation 2017 Annual Report

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