Through this school development project the volta revival Foundation provides bicycles to students who live very far from their schools. With this tool the students are able to attend school regularly, stay safe, and focus on their education. Please consider donating a bicycle to a student in need today

By making a contribution to

this project you are not only

offering one student a bike,

but also providing training

on bike riding and

maintenance through our partners at the village bicycle project.

In collaboration with their NGO we work together with schools and communities in very rural areas to select the students most in need. Then we schedule a workshop where the VBP people will come out to our community to train the students in all bicycle matters. When the students leave to ride their bicycles back to their schools they sign an agreement which states their responsibilities as a bicycle awardee. As an organization we work closely with the schools and teachers to monitor the bicycles to ensure that the students are riding them to school everyday, and that the bicycles are well maintained.

With one bicycle, a childs life can change so that they may be able to attend school, focus on their education, and see a brighter future so that one day they too will come back to their communities to give back to other students who are in need.