Become a Founder

Becoming a Volta Revival Foundation Founder

100% of Volta Revival Foundation’s donations goes towards our education and human rights projects. You may ask us how we do that, and it’s with a financial model which we call Founders. Founders are a group of philanthropists who believe in the Volta Revival Foundation vision and are willing to make an annual contribution of $500 (tax deductible) Which is often a $50/monthly or more contribution in order to cover our set management costs so that we can do the valuable work we are great at without the logistics falling apart.

With this model we are ensured we will have enough to do our work, and we can ensure that we are corruption free, with a fixed management budget. Additionally, with this model we are able to say that 100% of every donation outside of our founding members donations goes directly towards our education, and human rights life changing projects!

Every organization has overhead costs, and it is our desire to run our projects smoothly, in order to do this the Volta Revival Foundation has the following annual costs which is as follows:

Roughly $1,000 for one month of operations

Total Management needs: $12,000/year

Total in Stipends (presidents, secretary, Ghana projects manager, USA projects manager) : $6,800

Total Operational costs (overhead, wifi, supplies, re registrations, marketing and fundraising, website, TNT ect): $5,200

Become a Founder: Pledge and subscribe to making an annual donation of $500 or more, with a $1,000 donation covering one month of management overhead.

Founder benefits include:

-Monthly updates and photos on the progress and stories of the organization

-Yearly individualized gifts

-Regular thank you letters and communication with beneficiaries of our projects

-Annual thank you dinner / event