Why Volunteer?

Why volunteer with the Volta Revival Foundation? Because not only does our organization put the communities that we serve first in everything we do, we also take extra percautions to make sure your time in Ghana is stress free and transformative! Our programs are various, so you can choose exactly how and where you would like to spend your time, and we allow from interim breaks to travel and relax. We will give you the practical knowledge you need to create positive and change within and outside of yourself!

We ask that you commit to volunteering for at least 1 week unless you are a west African local, however, you may stay as long as you want. Below are the volunteer costs:

Volunteer costs

As a policy the Volta Revival Foundation strives to make its volunteer program as affordable as possible so as to attract a diverse group of volunteers who may offer an array of skills and opportunities to the communities we serve. The following are the fees associated with Volunteering with the Volta Revival Foundation, with the option to receive food and lodging at our volunteer house! The fees list is as follows:

Time                                                    Cost                                     

1 week                                        700 cedis ($140)                        


2 weeks                                      1200 cedis ($240)                     


3 weeks                                      1500 cedis ($300)                     


Monthly rate                             1600 cedis ($320)                     





-Breakfast and Dinner (dinner 5 days a week)



Additional May Fees Include:


-Volunteer management fee: 500 cedis ($100)

-Project contribution: 1000 cedis ($200) (or donations in-kind)

-Airport pick up (Accra to Ada/volta area): 300 cedis ($60) one-way

-Wifi at the house: 100 cedis/monthly ($20)

-Optional: trips around Ghana with Motherland Travel and Excursion

**All cedis to dollars conversions are made based on a 5:1 ratio, and conversion rates may vary slightly by month