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Sponsor the education and well-being of a child survivor of slavery in Ada Ghana


Learn about what Volta Revival is doing to end child trafficking and slavery.

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See what Volta Revival is doing to provide pure water to families and communities.

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COVID relief aid is so necessary during this time, learn more about how Volta Revival is helping.

Who we are

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Who We Are

The Volta Revival Foundation (VRF) is a Ghanaian and USA grass -roots non-profit charity powered by our communities! We work together with local governments, communities, NGO's, schools and associations to empower small communities living along the Volta river delta and upstream to develop themselves and end child trafficking and labor slavery. We do this by providing support and collaboration through the opportunities embedded in our programs. We believe an essential ingredient in sustaining positive behavior change is education and training. We understand that child trafficking and slavery are symptoms of deeper rooted issues, and Volta Revival along with our amazing partners is committed to addressing the systemic barriers to change.

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